ME Petition Form

Please complete this form to request an exception to ME department policy. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your situation with your ME advisor (Joy Velarde for last names A-L, Katie Barnard for last names M-Z) or Dr. Debra Mascaro before submitting a petition.

Enter uNID as 8 digits with a zero replacing the 'u' (e.g., 00123456)
We will use this email address to notify you of the outcome of your petition. Please check it regularly.
Check the course that you want to take. If you need to petition for more than one course, you will need to complete a separate petition form for each course.
Check all prerequisite courses in which you have an insufficient (below C-) grade and/or all prerequisite or co-requisite courses that you are missing.
Check the course that you need to repeat. Note that if you need to repeat multiple courses, you will need to submit separate petitions.
Enter the other catalog number (department prefix + four-digit number).
Enter the catalog number (including department prefix) of the course you would like approved for technical elective credit (e.g., ECE 3600 or MATH 3210).
Provide a short description of your petition.
(1) Write a justification for your petition and upload as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. Name your file Lastname Firstname petition date (e.g., Mascaro Debra petition 5-31-2013.pdf).
(2) Upload supporting documents (e.g., medical records, course syllabi, etc.) if applicable. Name your file(s) Lastname Firstname description date (e.g., Mascaro Debra syllabus 5-31-2013.pdf).
(3) If petitioning to repeat a course, please include an academic plan showing the courses you will take from now until graduation and in your justification state what you plan to do differently in order to be successful in the class.